Research Outputs

Maritime Graduates and Research Areas 2016

Master of Commerce in Maritime Studies

Franck, Daniela
Dissertation: Bareboat Charter Registration: The way for South Africa to regain a merchant fleet under it register.
Supervisor: Professor TB Jones

Matjele, Lincoln Masasane Abraham 
DissertationIs a public entity entitled to a Maritime salvage claims ?
Supervisor:Mr MA Goodger

Matau, Innocentia Itumeleng Greta
Dissertation:An assessment of Port Productivity at South African Container Ports Terminals 
Supervisor: Professor TB Jones

Ndebele, Bhekisipho Sibusiso
Dissertation: Energy demand and Associates planning deficiencies for handling wet bulk cargoes in South Africa Ports
Supervisor: Professor TB Jones

Patel ,Shivani Ramesh
Dissertation: Opportunity for private sector involvement in the container market industry in the Port of Durban
Supervisor: Professor TB Jones

LLM (Maritime Law)

Matshinga,Linda Innocent 
Dissertation: The suitability of the Rotterdam Rules in Modern Multimodal Transport : The possibility of Harmony for Liability under Multimodel Carriage Contracts 
Supervisor: Mrs D Lamb

Ramsaroop, Shantal
Dissertation: Understanding the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code : An Examination of the Implementation and effectiveness of the ISPS Code
Supervisor: Mrs D Lamb

Maritime Graduates and Research Areas 2015

Doctor of Philosophy (Transport Economics)

Razkhaneh, Farhad, BA, MA (Indore, India)
Dissertation: The provision of efficient transport services in the Iranian Maritime and Land Transport Interface
Supervisor: Professor TB Jones

LLM (Maritime Law)

Courtois, Gareth John, BLaws
Dissertation: Battle on The High Seas: A comparative analysis of the Global response to the deployment of armed territory for protection against acts of Maritime Piracy
Supervisors: Mrs DL Donnelly and Mr AH Bellengere

Mbambo, Philani Prince, BLaws
Dissertation: The Commencement of Laytime and Demurrage: The Practical and Financial Consequences of an Invalid Notice of Readiness and the Impact of Waiver on Freedom of Contract
Supervisor: Mrs DL Donnelly

Mohamed, Faried, BLaws
Dissertation: 15 Years on, has the legal Pandora's Box yet to be sealed? A critical analysis of the majority in the Heavy Metal case and determination of the correct interpretation of the concept of 'control' as it relates to associated ship arrests
Supervisor: Mr CC Gevers


Master of Commerce in Maritime Studies

Burns, John, BCom(UNISA)
Dissertation: An Offshore Transhipment  Operation as an Alternative to an Investment in Port Infrastructure Development
Supervisor: Professor TB Jones

Dyer, Jack Alban, BScHons(Kent)
Dissertation: Is Durban's Harbour Expansion Really Necessary?
Supervisor: Professor TB Jones

Gower, Bradley John
Dissertation: An Analysis of the Risks of Piracy off the Somali Coast, and the Effectiveness of Preventative Measures.
Supervisor: Mr V Surbun

Nieuwenhuis, Yolandi, BProc(RAU), LLB(RAU), LLM(UPret), BCom(UNISA), BComHons(UNISA)
Dissertation: Coastal Cabotage: A Contested Transport Policy Terrain.
Supervisor: Professor TB Jones

Singh, Shakti, BLaws(UNISA)
Dissertation: Will the Rotterdam Rules Eliminate the Challenges Encountered by Preceding Carriage Regimes?
Supervisor: Mr LH Dlamini

Tshingana, Dumile, PGDip(NMMU)
Dissertation: A Critical Appraisal of Relevant Legislation to Manage Ballast Water Effects.
Supervisor: Mr LH Dlamini

Maritime Graduates and Research Areas 2013

LLM (Maritime Law)

Ani, Oluchi Ifeoma, LLB(EnuguStateU), PGDip(Law)
Dissertation: World Trade Organisation’s Trade Agreement on Agriculture: A comparative analysis between South Africa and Nigeria
Supervisor: Dr E Mneney

Blom, Karl Andre, LLB
Thesis: Civil liability for damage caused by oil pollution from off-shore platforms – a comparative study of domestic and instruments
Supervisors: Mrs DL Donnelly and Professor MJD Wallis

Donnelly, Dusty-Lee, BA, LLB
Thesis: An examination of the application of the Sea Transport Documents Act 65 of 2000 to Sue Under Contracts of Carriage evidenced by Sea Waybills and Straight Bills of Lading
Supervisor: Professor MJD Wallis

Hadebe, Thandeka Brightness, LLB
Dissertation: A critical analysis of the enforcement of marine liens against bona fide purchasers
Supervisor: Mrs DL Donnelly

Kaye, Geraldine Rosemary, LLB
Dissertation: An investigation of the liability placed upon Shipowners using pilots in the Compulsory Pilotage Ports of South Africa
Supervisors: Mrs DL Donnelly and Mr V Surbun

Blom, Karl Andre, LLB
Thesis: Something old, something new and something borrowed: An examination of the doctrine of seaworthiness in light of the common law and modern legal developments within the shipping industry.
Supervisor: Mrs DL DonnellyKabongo, Nyandu, LLB
Dissertation: The regulation of the removal of hazardous shipwrecks in South African waters and a discussion on the adoption of the Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks, 2007
Supervisor: Mr V Surbun


Master of Commerce in Maritime Studies

Kabongo, Nyandu, MICS
Dissertation: Pricing of Marine Infrastructure and Harbour Services in the Ports of Douala and Matadi: A Comparative Approach
Supervisor: Professor TB Jones

Sitoi, Jeremias Salomao, BSc(CivilEng)(UEduardMond), BCom
Dissertation: The Port of Maputo and the Metropolitan Economy: A Case Study of the Container Terminal
Supervisor: Professor TB Jones

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